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The largest mobility club in Switzerland with the proven breakdown service offers many more advantages for its members


ePROFIT supports Swiss associations and organizations with over 200 registered associations and NGOs


This is THE new social media platform where companies turn their own and new customers into paid influencers

Touring Club Switzerland

We developed the customer loyalty system TCS Benfits for the largest Swiss mobility club. The members of the TCS benefit from a large variety of partners and offers and see the savings made directly in the digital member account. TCS Benefits offers great financial added value and is available to TCS members free of charge.

With various marketing measures, we support the promotion of the program to the members and regularly launch attractive offers such as prize draws, competitions and much more.


Is a digital sponsorship app developed for clubs and organizations. The concept of the app is based on the slogan "Everyone benefits from us"

This means that the club or organization is supported by its own members, fans and well-wishers. This is achieved by automatically dividing the cashback between the member and the club/organization. In this way, another source of financial income can be used and your own members or sponsors make a financial contribution to the association/organization with every purchase made via the ePROFIT platform.


The community is a new social media platform and offers everything a users heart desires. In addition to the well-known functions such as chat, telephony, posts, live streams, etc., users are financially rewarded for their activities within the system.

The advertising budget that companies invest in the platform goes to a large extent to the users of the community. They are financially compensated for their commitment as advertising ambassadors, for example if they like posts, watch advertisements, recommend products and so on. The money is credited to a digital wallet directly within the system.

As a result, companies can achieve even stronger customer loyalty, as existing and new customers receive financial compensation for "word-of-mouth advertising". Turn all your customers into influencers of your company - QENDI makes it possible!

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